Conditions of Use

before you connect, thanks to take knowledge of the rules of good use of WIFI SERVICE with PANEMA Social.

1. The use of WI-FI service of PANEMA Social is conditional on respect by the user of the following principles, being stated that any use of the service that is indisputable acceptance on the part of the user, without a signature is not necessary, these principles, despite the respect of laws and regulations in force.
2. The following provisions relate to all users of the service that the access is free.
3. The user undertakes not to use the service for illegal purposes, prohibited and illegal.
4. In this way, the user will have to respect, without that this list has a global character, the regulations relating to:
• - for the privacy of each person and for its respect
• - copyright and intellectual and industrial property, if it is in particular multimedia creations, software, texts of press articles, photos, sounds, images of any nature, brands, patents and designs and that it is specified that any reference to the existence of rights on those elements and/or the data and/or files may not be the subject of a removal and that any reproduction of a work or of one of these elements and/or files and/or data without the consent of the holder of the rights is A counterfeiting
• - for the automated treatment of nominative data
• - respect for the rules of public order in the field of the content of the information that would be likely to be put on line on the Internet network to violate the integrity or the sensitivity of network users to access messages, images or texts provocateurs
• - for the confidentiality of correspondence and the prohibition of interception of communications published by way of telecommunications.
5. The user, in the context of the use of the service is also committed to:
• - not harvest or collect information on to third parties without their consent
• - not defame, spread, harass, stalk, threaten anyone, nor to violate the rights of other
• - do not create a false identity
• - Do not attempt to gain unauthorized access to a service and/or to a date and/or to a file
• - do not disseminate or allow to download all items containers the software or other material protected by intellectual property rights, unless it is in possession of such rights or that has received all the necessary permissions
• - does not address a spam message and not to Perform of spamming
• - does not address a message and/or electronic message consisting of offensive, defamatory, obscene, indecent, illicit or prejudicial to any rights, including the rights of the human person and for the protection of minors
• - do not transmit a virus, Trojan horse, logical bomb or any other program that is harmful or destructive to third parties and/or other users
• - Do not attempt to gain unauthorized access to an automated system for the treatment of data or maintain
• - do not stop the services and/or contents and/or data and/or the content accessed
• - Do not send strings of letters or propose sales called snowball or pyramidal
• - Do not send advertising, promotional message or any other form of solicitation did not want other users
6. The user acknowledges that he has received all the necessary information relating to the specifications and the terms and conditions of use of the service that allows you to select or to restrict access to certain sites or data server and be seen proposed one such means
7. It is the responsibility of the user to verify that it has the equipment, browser software, which allows him to use the service, social Panema is in no case responsible for such equipment selected under the responsibility of the user who is also responsible for the security and protection of its equipment.
8. The service Panema Social, at the request of third parties and/or any competent authority reserves the right to temporarily or permanently ban any use of the service without its responsibility cannot be tried and without the user might not be able to claim any compensation or reparation.
9. In a general manner, in no case Panema Social cannot be held responsible for direct damages and/or indirect damages suffered as a result of the use of the service by the user, this last recognizing that Panema Social cannot be responsible for the content to which the user accesses and that accessibility to the content and services is not guaranteed and may be suspended without prior notice.
By ticking the box "I accept the conditions of use of the service, the user agrees to use the WI-FI service of Panema Social in conformity with the rules laid down in the conditions presented above and become "user" of the service.